C-SPAN is pleased to announce the 150 prize winning documentaries in C-SPAN's 2016 StudentCam competition!

Congratulations to Olivia Hurd of Jenks, OK on winning this year's Grand Prize, and the team of Ben Miller, William Ederer & Charles Gryder from Silver Spring, MD on winning this year's "Fan Favorite" award.

Click here for a list of all 150 prize winners and links to their videos: STUDENTCAM 2016 PRIZE WINNERS

Prize winning filmmakers and teachers will be contacted this week via email with more information regarding their win. Congratulations to all!

The 2017 StudentCam competition will launch in September, 2016.

StudentCam is C-SPAN's annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation.

For the 2016 competition, students in grades 6-12 were asked to create a short (5-7 minute) video documentary on a topic related to the 2016 competition theme, "Road to the White House", and the issue they most want the candidates to discuss during the 2016 presidential campaign.

With cash prizes totaling $100,000, C-SPAN awards prizes to 150 student documentaries, and 53 teacher advisors.

What’s the issue YOU most want candidates to discuss during the 2016 presidential campaign?

  • The competition was open to all students in grades 6-12. Grades 6-8 competed in the Middle School category, and grades 9-12 competed in the High School category.
  • Middle School students are to be judged nationally against their peers. High School students are to be judged regionally against their peers in one of 3 regions (West/Central/East), based on their school state.
  • Students competed individually, or in teams of either 2 or 3 members.
  • All documentaries were asked to include supporting C-SPAN footage that related to the chosen topic.
  • Winning StudentCam documentaries were asked to show a variety of points of view related to the chosen topic.
  • Documentaries were to be between 5-7 minutes in length .*End credits, if applicable, were permitted to run longer than the allotted 7 minute time frame.
  • Entries were asked to include either end credits or a works cited list.
For a complete list of competition rules, click here.

Key dates, including the announcement of the winners, and the launch of our 2017 StudentCam competition.

  • Wednesday, March 9, 2016
    C-SPAN announced the winners of the 2016 StudentCam competition, inlcuding all 150 winning entries as well as this year's "Fan Favorite". A complete list of this year's winning videos can be found by clicking on our "Past Winners" tab.

  • Friday, April 1 - Friday, April 29, 2016
    The top 21 documentaries from StudentCam 2016 will air at 6:50am each weekday during the month of April.

  • September, 2016
    The 2017 StudentCam competition will launch this September..